Only sytem with more than one full month autonomy...

You leave far, alone, for a long trip, and with no mean of communication.

You would like to share your adventures with your friends, and your families ?

Eki-up presents the tag Eki-Capturs.

The tag is a ligth GPS tracker.

Your relatives can follow you during your activities and to receive pre-programmed messages.

With this simple autonomous solution, yours will  get your track in live (path ), thanks to international radio waves network Sigfox,  ( new technology), during your horse trekking, hikes.

This can be useful for endurance racings, for team members or for organizers.

Competitor geolocation is now possible, even on races  that  last several days.

– without phone or SIM card

Tag Eki-Capturs


Equestrian Riding

Not worth to hide you !!!
Live available for horse hiking in more than 35 countries


Working in more than 35 countries, without roaming, without SIM .
check network coverage on Sigfox
* Note on demand Sigfox could deploy tags even in countries not yet available for a racing or a special event

Flocks / Breeding /Security Perimeter

Define your security perimeter, observe mouvements inside, and be alert in case one is going out of this defined area !


* Share your lives for racing organizers, your loves ones : team, family, friends, supporters....
* Follow at what speed you are on the track when training or during racings!


Even working on Mountains, Sigfox network works


Relieves your close relatives when you are going in woods alone or with young horses